About AICO

In order to celebrate its second year of existence, DARCO Magazine organizes, in partnership with JOFEBAR (25th anniversary celebration), the Architecture Congress "AICO - Architecture International Congress at Oporto."
This event intends to join and present the work of 30 Architecture Offices (National and International), showing the work in progress and different ways of planning and "thinking" architecture.
This event also aims to promote and support architecture in its broadest term having been developed, in order to reach such objective, a competition for architects and architecture students, workshops related to architecture and explanatory models and architectural photography exhibitions.
This event must be "seen" as a week dedicated to architecture that, due to the period in which it will be held – from August 30 to September 4, 2010 – should be understood as "architectural holidays".
In that sense partnerships were established with two companies, co-organizers of the congress, with travel agencies and hotels, to provide everyone interested a nice stay in Oporto.
"AICO - Architecture at Oporto International Congress", will be held at the Congress Centre of the old Oporto Customs Building.
It should be noted the involvement of all entities that support and sponsor the event which, in addition to making it possible, will certainly contribute to a greater relation between product / materials / architect by conducting several workshops (solutions for facades, urban furniture, etc.).
In addition to promoting and supporting architecture, "AICO - Architecture at Oporto International Congress" intends to encourage and develop new relationships between architects, architecture students and people in general.

About DARCO Magazine

Launched on 2008 March, DARCO Magazine is a technical magazine of architecture founded by Luis Palhão and Ana Leal, both architects, graduated by Lusíada University of Oporto.
DARCO Magazine aims to be a work tool and support to the practice of architects and architecture students.
The editorial of the magazine consists of the presentation of the work of architecture offices, invited to publish their work through plans, sections, elevations, technical drawings and images.
Currently, DARCO Magazine establishes partnerships with organizations like the Portuguese Architects Association, Colleges of Architecture or  “A Casa da Arquitectura”.
Available on the major national bookstores such as FNAC, Leitura, Bertrand or Almedina, it is also available in approximately 1000 sale points in Portugal, which is assured by Logista (distributor).
Published in a bilingual format (Portuguese and English) DARCO Magazine is currently marketed by Idea Books (international distributor) and sold in countries like Japan, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Spain, France, Italy, UK, Belgium.
Recognizing that an architecture magazine has the duty to disseminate architecture works, we consider it is our mission to go further, being also our job to promote the execution of activities that promote and publicize architecture.


JOFEBAR is a Portuguese company founded in 1986. Initially it was a family-owned company responsible for performing small metalwork’s.
In the late 80s, Jose Maria Ferreira Marques joined the company, with professional experience in different companies. At that point, JOFEBAR begins a new stage in its growth, focused on offering high quality and different solutions, for which a team of specialists able to fully respond to these expectations was gathered. To reach this goal, JOFEBAR set up partnerships, in exclusive state, with Italian and German profile brands.  And it is in this particularly phase that JOFEBAR begins its collaboration with architects, being in charge  to identify and establish the most appropriate materials for each project.
At the beginning of the current decade, Rui Branco joined the company, with expertise in the construction industry, contributing for the consolidation phase of growth and expansion of production and trade. In mid 2004, Paulo Vale also integrates the team, becoming responsible for the coordination and management of this area.
In 2009, Pedro Pinto de Souto joins the team. With an extensive experience in the business sector, among others, he successfully developed the BCA Vehicle Remarketing project. This new enhancement allowed the group to expand into new sectors with companies such as Labrador, Hiperjanelas, PanoramAH!, Overstep and MGS, OJE.
Recently, the activity has spread to Spain, UK, France, Switzerland, Greece, United Arab Emirates and Morocco. In parallel, the business area expanded, offering a wide range of products: from profiles to facade systems, often leveraging the development of new solutions and products.
Currently JOFEBAR works mainly in the metal industry field, providing technical support to architects with diverse specifications and materials, from metal structures to claddings and exclusive profiles. Thus, JOFEBAR won a corporate image of prestige, quality and capacity of meticulous execution of both small and large-scale works, such as Hotel Ritz in Lisbon.
As a result of the close collaboration with both Portuguese and foreign architects, JOFEBAR won the opportunity to participate in highly symbolic architectural projects, such as Casa da Música, in Oporto, by Rem Koolhaas, or the Municipal Center Exhibitions and Conferences of Avila, by Francisco Mangado.
Thus, we can conclude that JOFEBAR is defined as a Working Tool for Architects and all the others involved in the project/work.
It is this sense that the JOFEBAR was totally identified with AICO, an event able to join great names of contemporary architecture, around a common goal, ARCHITECTURE, being this an unprecedented event in Portugal.